Welcome to E-Voice !

Welcome to E-Voice !

CARP E-Voice is an important advocacy tool to ensure your voice is heard by your elected representatives. This system makes it easy for you to communicate with your elected representatives and show your support for CARP’s advocacy campaigns.

To Use E-Voice:

  1. Select whether you are looking for federal or provincial/territorial representatives – or both
  2. Select your province or territory
  3. Click “Browse” and an alphabetized list of representatives will display. Click on the representative’s name and an email form will open.

If you do not know your representative or district’s name, visit Elections Canadahttp://www.elections.ca and enter your postal code in the Voter Information Service box on the homepage.

Click here http://www.carp.ca/evoice/ministers-of-health-and-finance for a list of Finance and Health Ministers.

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