Nova Scotia Chapter: Chair, Bill VanGorder speaks about seniors’ issues in the upcoming federal election

Click here to listen to a radio interview with Bill VanGorder, Chapter Chair of CARP Nova Scotia who joined The Sheldon MacLeod Show on Thursday August 20, 2015 at 3:00 PM to discuss how the aging population hasn’t been an election issue. VanGorder responds to this claim by saying that CARP is actively promoting seniors’ issues, and intend on making healthcare amongst others to be the key issues for this federal election. VanGorder also speaks about Seniors Vote campaign making headway in communicating seniors’ issues to the federal candidates and encouraging younger demographic to turn up at the polls to vote on Election Day. The interview starts at 28 minute mark and is listed under The Sheldon MacLeod Show- 3pm (Today at 05:06 PM) [this reference will change]