Legacies aren’t just for Dead People!

You don’t have to be rich, famous or dead to leave a Legacy.

This helpful book by Robb Lucy gives new meaning to the notion of creating a ‘Legacy’, and makes it joyful and fun!  Through hundreds of brief stories Lucy shows how each of us can create many Legacies by using our values, skills, talents and resources.

With an energetic and humorous writing style, Lucy covers it all—Time, Ego, Religion, Sex, Happiness, Money, Work, Story and more.  Legacies Aren’t Just for Dead People will have you saying “Hey, that gives me an idea!”

Robb Lucy is a former journalist (CBC), writer and producer. He is the co-founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Canada (25 years on local, national and international boards), and a builder of non-profits in sports history, literacy and prostate cancer awareness.

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You can also download the Kindle version of the book (unfortunately no discount, but only $9.88 USD) by going to Amazon.com here.

Legacies book