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Fire Safety Campaign

CARP is calling on governments to take immediate steps to prevent future fire tragedies in nursing homes. The L’Isle Verte fire that took the lives of 32 people and left 15 others injured last year on January 23, 2014 was largely preventable, as attested by witness after witness at the Coroner’s inquiry and inquest in too many other nursing home fires. L’Isle Verte inquest detailed the lack of all the essential fire prevention measures now required of newer facilities – this perverse double standard should not continue to exist.

Immediate steps need to be taken to prevent future fire tragedies in all nursing homes. As a result, CARP called for in an open letter to all the provincial, territorial and federal governments to take immediate action by:

1. Legislating requirements for fire sprinklers in all nursing homes
2. Legislating requirements for proper safety and evacuation plans including staff training
3. Enforcing compliance with legislative requirements

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