Free Seminar for Burlington Flood Victims, October 17th.

Information posted October 3, 2014

Burlington flood

Engineer and basement foundation specialist John Cochren, will be sharing his knowledge with Burlington flood victims on Friday, October 17th, 2014.

The evening seminar will be held at Central Arena in Burlington and will empower homeowners on how to Rebuild Smart after the flood. Topics include how to look for structural damage, understanding basement environment, how to prevent mold and water damage from sewage back-up and nuisance flooding, step-by-step approach to rebuilding efficiently, and guests will have an opportunity to see new technologies developed to monitor basement conditions.

Mr. Cochren receives over 400 calls yearly from homeowners who have foundation issues, and experience mold and water damage. After the August 4th flood, which dumped 191 mm of water in one day flooding thousands of unfortunate homeowners, Mr. Cochren decided to do his part and share industry expertise by organizing the evening seminar. Its difficult to hear from so many flood victims and not be able to help them all, said Mr. Cochren.

Water has become the insurance industrys number one claim, and there are simple and cost-effective prevention methods that can save homeowners thousands in future damages. Bottom line is, we need to start building SMART.

Flood victims are encouraged to register for the seminar, as seating is limited to 200 people. Guests will be provided with a take-home package complete with information to help them make crucial decisions when rebuilding their basements.

John Cochren, P.Eng is the owner of Cochren Foundation and Repair Co. in Hamilton and founder of SmartBasement. He has been in the home building and construction business for over 40 years.

To register for the free seminar please email [email protected] or call (905) 220-0762