St. John’s-Avalon Chapter General Meeting


CARP St. John’s-Avalon Chapter General Meeting

There will be a general meeting of the St. John’s-Avalon Chapter of CARP on Wednesday, October 15, 2 PM in the Conference Room on the first floor of Tiffany Village, 50 Tiffany Lane, St. Johns. CARP members and their guests are invited to attend.

The guest speaker at this meeting will be Mr. Dave Jackman, the Founder of Kenpo Karate in NL (1970) who has been teaching martial arts longer than anyone else in this province. Mr. Jackman will speak about Self Protection Self Defence for Walkers. He will present the elements of his Wise Walk Program.

Given the nearness of the Kennys Pond walking trail to Tiffany Village, if the weather cooperates and there is any interest, Mr. Jackman proposes to demonstrate some of his techniques during a walk around Kennys Pond. Those interested should come with proper walking footware and dress for this. This would not be mandatory and would happen only if conditions permit.

This session is free and refreshments will be served. In order for us to plan for this session, please respond by October 1 to Gerry Bowers at [email protected] or at 722-6471

Please Note: Recently we have all heard of a home invasion whereby a senior citizen was forced in the middle of the night to drive to an ATM machine to meet a demand for cash. This incident is a cause of concern to all of us. While we do not advocate taking inappropriate actions in such a situation, there are some issues of self defense which may be of interest. Members attending may have the opportunity to discuss this with Mr. Jackman.

Edgar Williams

Chapter Chair