Chapter #1 Strategic Plan 2014-17

CARP St. Johns-Avalon Chapter #1





A society in which everyone can live active, independent, purposeful lives as they age.


CARP is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all Canadians as we age by:

  • Advocating for social change that will bring financial security, equitable and timely access to health care, and freedom from discrimination;
  • Ensuring that the marketplace serves the needs and expectations of our generation and providing value-added benefits, products and services to members; and
  • Building a sense of community and shared values among our members.


To support and advance the Mission of CARP, Chapter #1 will

  • Facilitate the lines of communication between the national office and the chapter membership and help keep members informed and involved in the policies and priorities of the organizations;
  • Provide a means for members to get involved in CARPs Mission at the local level, providing a relationship between members, communities, and national programs and services;
  • Provide a means for members to put their talent, creativity, energy, knowledge, and sense of community-spirit to work in the service of their communities throughout the country.



1. Financial Security:

* Freedom from excessive tax burdens and restrictions;

* Freedom from predatory financial practices and consumer fraud;

* Adequate guaranteed income support programs;

* Equitable access to pension and other retirement savings vehicles.

2. Health Security:

* Equitable and timely access to high quality health care that is linguistically and culturally appropriate;

* Uniform and affordable access to medicines and medical devices;

* Equitable and timely access to ageing at home options;

* Adequate support and legal rights for caregivers;

* Easy access to dependable information and resources for healthy living.

3. Human Rights:

* The right to continue working, driving, and living independently;

* Freedom from ageist and other stereotypes in advertising and the media;

* Freedom from elder abuse;

* Equal rights to affordable housing.


1. Develop and offer member benefits and programs driven by what members want most to enhance their lives;

2. Monitor and manage relationships with recommended suppliers to maintain adherence to member value standards.


  1. Building a strong sense of common cause and common voice with a broad diversity of individuals, groups, and communities;
  2. Strengthening our national influence through incorporating the needs and expectations of our members in our Mission, with active and goal oriented Chapters acting as a volunteer based resource for promoting CARPs mission, programs, and objectives;
  3. Establishing an effective network of Chapters to sustain timely communication between the national office and members and communities;
  4. Support and encourage members to volunteer their talent, energy, and time in service to their community and to the national organization.


Goal 1: Chapter #1 will uphold the Mission of CARP on a local community level.  To accomplish Goal 1, Chapter #1 will:

  1. Offer mentoring to individual members who contact the Chapter for assistance with personal issues pertaining to income, pensions, investments, health issues, etc., and, as appropriate, direct them to an expert service provider who can assist with the issue;
  2. Establish formal and informal partnerships with local organizations that have a purpose to support retirees and aging persons to address issues in common through a united approach (Seniors Resource Centre; Office of Aging and Seniors, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador; 50+ Clubs; Mayors Advisory Committee on Seniors; etc;
  3. Nominate members for positions on various municipal and provincial Seniors Advisory Boards;
  4. Nominate persons for consideration of various available seniors recognition awards.

Goal 2: Chapter #1 will orchestrate educational and social meetings/programs for members of the Chapter and the general public. To accomplish Goal 2, Chapter #1 will:

  1. Organize up to three (3) meetings per year on subject matters pertinent to living actively, purposefully, and independently, that are of concern to older persons and retirees;
  2. Host one annual social gathering opportunity for members that provide an opportunity for friendship and social interaction, such as a card game, movie night, or dinner/dance;
  3. Host tri-monthly coffee meetings, pay as you go, to promote visibility of Chapter #1 and promote membership recruitment;
  4. Distribute information on seniors educational or other topical subjects offered or sponsored by other organizations that are sent to Chapter #1 for members interest. Such informational workshops could include, but are not limited to, crime prevention, elder abuse, funeral planning, seniors driving, long term care, healthy aging, etc.

Goal 3: Chapter #1 will extend the voice of CARP by expanding its Chapter membership. To accomplish Goal 3, Chapter #1 will:

  1. Once a year, extend an open public invitation, via media sources, to the general public to consider membership in Chapter #1;
  2. Utilize public opportunities to advertise the benefits of membership in Chapter #1;
  3. Encourage new and renewing members to indicate Chapter #1 on their membership application or their renewal of membership.
  4. Actively promote membership in Chapter #1 through outreach to other seniors or retirees associations.

Goal 4: Chapter #1 will be the local connection between the national office of CARP and local members regarding advocacy, member benefits, and community development. To accomplish Goal 4, Chapter #1 will

  1. Circulate electronically all information bulletins received from CARP National to members of Chapter #1;
  2. Engage with various levels of local Government to address gaps in services for older persons, such as plowed sidewalks, accessibility to bus shelters during winter, seniors friendly public transportation, and seniors deductions when completing income tax returns.
  3. Promote opportunities for seniors volunteerism to Chapter #1 members.

Approved by the Board of Directors

CARP St. Johns-Avalon Chapter #1

September 10, 2014