Help Wanted – Mature, Responsible Individuals to Work on Election Day in Ontario

Information posted May 11, 2014

Forum Research




Dear CARP member,

Forum Research is a well known polling company. We have been asked by Elections Ontario to conduct an observation of voter behaviour in the upcoming election at a random selection of polls across the province.

We are hiring observers to do one of two tasks at the polls on Election Day, June 12. You will either time each voter as they pass through the voting process or you will be located at the front desk and making note of what type of ID a voter brings to identify themselves. Observers will work in teams of 2 or 3, and will be paid $15 an hour for a 13 hour day. In addition to working on Election Day, observers will be asked to take part in, and be paid for remote group training and accreditation. Observers will not interact with voters, they will simply observe.

The project is non-partisan and is sponsored by Elections Ontario. Observers will be required to swear an oath at the local returning office and obtain official identification.

In addition to this project, Forum conducts surveys and intercepts across the province and
re interested in working with us, but are unavailable on Election Day, please contact us all the same.

For more information, contact:

Farah Nembhard Forum Research/Service Metrics [email protected] 

(416) 960 9113

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