North Fraser Chapter CARP is pleased to host a meeting on your future.



Brian Boyle, Manager of Forest Lawn / Ocean View Cemeteries and Funeral Homes, a CARP affinity partner, will talk about developing a blue print you can leave your loved ones.


This is not a sales pitch. It is an information presentation.


You will learn how to specify how you would like your final arrangements handled. It will tell you what is required and what options you have, so you can make informed decisions.


The presentation will point out why advance planning is so important and how it can protect families for an event that will happen. The information will be beneficial for all who attend.


As a CARP member you will learn the benefits available to CARP members if you wish to invest in pre-arrangements. Again, we stress, this is not a sales presentation. No prices will be discussed.



BC’s harsh rules for senior drivers will also affect your future. At the meeting you will learn about the advocacy effort by all BC CARP chapters to convince the government to humanize these harsh rules.


Other articles in this Newsletter give you more information about the seniors’ driving issue and how you can help our advocacy effort.



This meeting is also your chapter’s Annual General Meeting where we will highlight the important chapter activities over the past year, our plans for the next year and elect Directors to serve on the Chapter Board.


You will have an opportunity to join our Board of Directors or serve on a committee.

Volunteering with CARP is very rewarding and a great health benefit. Studies have shown that people who volunteer their time have an average, healthy lifespan several years more than those who don’t volunteer.


WHEN: Thursday May 22nd from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m.

WHERE: Room 2, Poirier Sports and Leisure Centre, 633 Poirier Street, Coquitlam.


Freeadmission and refreshments for members and guests.


RRSP [email protected].


Do you support CARP’s advocacy against ageism?

CARP A New vision of Aging for Canada – NEEDS YOUR HELP!

CARP believes BC’s driving tests for seniors are unfair and discriminatory. They are a blatant example of ageism based on an out-moded concept of seniors being old, decrepid and a risk on the road. Zoomers boomers with zip contradict the old image of seniors. Most seniors are fit and active well into their 80s.

CARP believes BC’s driving test rules reflect the old concept of seniors. They intimidate seniors and threaten to end their ability to live independent, active lives. The cognitive test used, the Simard test, has no scientific validity. It’s done on a touch screen, which intimidates many seniors. Ontario recently considered using the Simard test but opted for two paper and pencil, scientifically valid tests.

All ten CARP Chapters in BC are committed to making BC’s driving rules fair and equitable. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Please email or write to your local MLA, with a copy to Susanne Anton, Minister of Justice, who is responsible for the Department of Motor Vehicles. You can email by using CARP’s E-Voice to compose and send your message. E-Voice lists the email addresses of all BC MLAs and Ministers. Simply go to and click on E-Voice.

Compose your own message in your own words if you can. Here are a few points you can consider:

  • Most seniors have a better driving record than any other age group indicated by ICBC’s seniors’ discount.

  • A February 2014 report of a study by the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that the rate of decline of traffic fatalities and crashes has fallen more in older drivers than for any other age group and the biggest reduction was for those over 80.

  • Many seniors don’t understand computers and fear touch screens.

  • Independence for many seniors is not just a priority it’s a necessity. The biggest fear about losing a driver’s license is the fear of losing independence.

  • Public transit and Handy Dart do not serve many seniors well.

  • Seniors donate millions of hours of unpaid time to charities and other community groups.

CARP will pursue this issue until we get the changes seniors deserve. We’ll do our part.

Will you do your part by adding strength of numbers to BC CARP advocacy?

Thank you for your help