Join us for the Senior Housing Summit Phase 1 meeting on November 23rd!

Senior Housing Summit Phase 1
When: Nov. 23,2013
Location: Langley Seniors Resource Centre
Time: 9:00AM- 12:30PM

“Triple “A” Senior Housing Summit is co-sponsored by Chapter 48 CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons), the Langley Seniors Community Action Table (LSCAT), and the Langley Senior Resources Society. Our working group represents broad stakeholder interests representing a variety of perspectives relating to the challenges and opportunities for establishing and maintaining a range of appropriate, accessible, affordable housing options for seniors in The Langleys.  We are also looking forward to working with the BC Healthy Communities Partnership.

Phase I (Coming up on November 23rd)w ill include the launch of a survey to identify senior’s housing needs and preferences.

Phase II, the Triple A Senior Housing Summit is planned for the early spring of 2014.  The overall purpose of the summit is to provide a collaborative forum in order to identify and discuss ways in which affordable senior housing options can be achieved and to provide concrete recommendations moving forward.  The summit will span 2 days, including a forum which will form a kick-off to the full day plenary session and wrap up on the following afternoon.  Plans include a complementary lunch on both days (providing funding is obtained).

Our sessions currently include such topics as “success stories”, how to get it built, maintaining and refurbishing existing senior housing stock, creating senior’s rental housing options, re-purposing to create affordability, and other related topics   A number of keynote speakers have been identified and committed for the Summit .

The objective of the Triple A Senior Housing Summit is to produce a report to be presented to civic and provincial politicians, housing developers and financial institutions in order to advance the interests of creating and maintaining a range of affordable, accessible and appropriate housing options for seniors.  Our expected output is a report containing concrete suggestions that could be put into practice to alleviate the current and pending housing crisis for many seniors and would include all types of housing.